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An exceptional resource for startup and early stage companies preparing to seek funding, The Morgan Leigh Group is known for its effective and well-crafted investor packages. We are dedicated to assisting our clients fully capture and concisely articulate the value of their opportunity. We work hand-in-hand with the founders and management team to distill, bottle and package the essence of their business strategy and revenue model.

Our investor package generally includes the business plan, pro forma financial statements and a roadshow presentation. All materials in the investor package are thorough, crisp, logically structured and highly professional. Our ultimate objective is to successfully communicate a compelling investment opportunity to potential investors.

The business plan is a concise, well-written, easily understandable explanation of how the company will function, grow and succeed. The enthusiasm, excitement, energy and vision of the founders must be immediately apparent. As most investors make their initial decisions based on the executive summary, this section must be especially watertight.

We recognize that the creation of the business plan and executive overview is an organic and dynamic process. Our approach is to work closely with the founders and management team to produce succinct, logically structured sections that appropriately distill all hard-to-grasp concepts and collectively paint a convincing picture of the company.

Our business plans typically include the following sections: Executive Overview, Business Premise, Company, Management Team, Market Analysis, Products and Services, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Summary of Financial Projections, Schedules and Milestones.  (Top)

Our pro forma financial statements are efficient spreadsheet models that explicitly differentiate between variables and formulas, allowing for easy and quick changes to basic assumptions at any time. The efficiency is largely derived through the use of advanced functions and array formulas. The spreadsheets are formatted so as to be easily readable, easily modified and well presented either electronically or in print. Our approach is conservative and includes a sensitivity analysis of key variables.

Pro forma financial statements would typically include the following sections: Disclosure, Capital Structure, Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Capitalized Expenses, Staffing Plan, Key Metrics, and Sensitivity Analysis.  (Top)

A presentation is typically the first introduction of the investment opportunity to the investor. The goal is to make a GREAT first impression! While a striking presentation (appearance, consistency, grammar, and vibrancy) will not clinch the deal by itself, a poor one will almost certainly eliminate your chances of success. We firmly believe that the following should shine through during the presentation: a persuasive vision; the exceptional capabilities of the founders and management team; and the strong likelihood of financial and operational success.

The presentation is a powerful tool in helping to achieve these objectives. A vibrant, well-structured, well-formatted presentation successfully delivered creates a strong image of the presenters and the company for the investor. A colorless, lifeless, inconsistently formatted presentation will likewise achieve the opposite -- a negative (and difficult to change) perception on the part of the investor. Presentations generally are organized similar to the business plan and customized (from a pool of slides) for specific audiences. The Morgan Leigh Group also offers presentation training to prepare you for important presentations. (Top)

The capital structure is a particularly important component of the pro forma financial statements. Notwithstanding its importance, the capital structure is often given but scant attention, an unfortunate state of affairs that repeatedly results in waves of strong emotions, hard feelings, and unexpected disincentives.

The capital structure is meant to be a highly planned delineation of the company ownership over time. It considers the various shareholder groups such as founders, executives, employees, directors, advisors and investors. It incorporates information on the expected grants of qualified and non-qualified stock options. It projects specific company valuations over time, potential returns for investors and anticipated dilution for all shareholders. The Morgan Leigh Group works directly with startup founders and managers to develop a capital structure acceptable to all current and anticipated shareholders. (Top)

You only have one chance to make a great first impression with investors! Donít sell yourself short! Let our extensive experience in management consulting, financial analysis, strategic planning and startup incubation work for you. Let The Morgan Leigh Group help potential investors to truly understand-and-desire to be a part of-your compelling opportunity! (Top)