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The Morgan Leigh Group is dedicated to helping its startup company clients dramatically increase their chances of success. Accordingly, our services are designed to provide substantial benefits for our startup clients. Our services enable our clients to: save precious time; navigate through byzantine complexity; address fundamental issues; and achieve difficult tasks for which they are likely ill equipped internally.

The critical path to a successful launch is teeming with trivial time consuming activities and other dangerous obstacles. Our most important services are designed to jumpstart our clients and quickly and effectively overcome these barriers. The primary services offered in our Investor Packages & Strategy category include business plans, pro forma financials, roadshow presentations and capital structures. Primary services in our Marketing & Branding category include name and logo creation, web site development and marketing plans. (Top)

We take a holistic approach to assisting our clients navigate through the startup minefield. We therefore offer a considerable array of further startup services, including company valuations, staffing plans, equity incentive plans, product brochures, public relations, corporate structure, trademarks and a range of important legal services. The table below contains additional details.


While The Morgan Leigh Group services are offered on an ‘a la carte’ basis, our clients generally choose a complete bundle of services due to the synergies and interdependencies of the related services. For example, a popular bundle is to have a complete investor package consisting of the business plan, pro forma financials and a roadshow presentation. (This option is explained in greater detail in the  OUR SPECIALTYsection.)

Another popular bundle is a marketing and sales bundle consisting of name and logo creation, sales and marketing plan and company brochure. (Top)