Program Overview
Pre-Engagement Meeting
Engagement Proposal
Client Input
Project Sessions


While our offerings are customized, and therefore different for individual clients, the major milestones in the process are the same for each client. These elements are briefly described below.

Pursuant to exploratory phone conversations and informal meetings, a pre-engagement meeting is set up between the relevant principals of The Morgan Leigh Group and the key individuals in the startup company. This meeting is primarily for the purpose of mutually assessing whether or not a fit seems likely. The potential client is able to share his needs in detail and discuss the capabilities of our firm at length. During this meeting, we ascertain the work done to date by the client in several key areas.  (Top)

Following the pre-engagement meeting, The Morgan Leigh Group will create a formal proposal for the client, including customized deliverables, schedules and terms designed to meet their specific needs. The proposal is presented and discussed directly with the client. Generally, the client will consider the proposal for a short period of time and then communicate the decision. If the decision is made to enter into an engagement, the terms are finalized, a formal contract is signed and the initial payment is made.  (Top)

We generally have several requests for the client. These requests include items such as corporate identity graphics files and all relevant work performed to date, regardless of the condition. But perhaps the most important requirement is a hard time commitment from the founders and/or management team.  (Top)

While difficult to adequately describe all the events involved in the project, suffice it to say that there are a number of review meetings, working sessions and creative briefs. The activities associated with these meetings include cycles of discovery, deliverables creation and draft document reviews. (Top)

The concluding event of the project is the conveyance of the final deliverables as specified in the engagement contract from The Morgan Leigh Group to the client. This is generally done in a formal meeting. The client will already be reasonably familiar with the deliverables, having reviewed several draft versions.  (Top)

Typically, the client covers all reasonable expenses (phone, printing, travel, etc.), if any, following submittal of receipts and completed expense forms by The Morgan Leigh Group.  (Top)

Because The Morgan Leigh Group is desirous to align its incentives with those of the client, it normally will propose a reduction in its standard fees in exchange for equity incentives in the startup company. Therefore, its fee compensation is received partially in cash and partially in equity incentives. The payment schedule for the cash compensation is generally split as follows: the first half is paid at the signing of the contract and the second half is paid upon completion of the deliverables.  (Top)