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Q. What if I haven’t done much on my company’s business plan?
A. If effective business plans (and related documents) were easy to put together, there would be no need for a company such as ours. The reality is that successful business plans require significant time, intense effort and mental anguish. The work performed by our clients before they turn to us for expert assistance truly covers the spectrum, ranging from minimal to extensive. Some clients feel painfully embarrassed to consult with us because they have made negligible progress on their business plan. There is no reason for embarrassment. We recognize that there are but 24 hours in a day, a mountain of work to do and shifting priorities. You simply can’t do everything yourself. We are a valuable resource and partner fully capable of supporting you on your quest for success.  (Top)

Q. What if my core business concept is flawed?
A. We have no cure for the terminally ill. If your startup is based on a defective business concept, you need more help than we can provide. (Top)

Q. Could I have my high school dropout nephew design my logo? He has time.
A. Launching a startup company obviously involves ingenuity and prudent resource management. However, caution is advised. The long-term costs of certain shortcuts are often too high a price to pay for the short-term benefits they provide. Ultimately, you make whatever decisions you feel are appropriate. Just remember that sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Q. What if I have limited funds?
A. Most startups have limited funds. The use of these funds is based on company priorities. If the development of an investor package and marketing strategy are not important enough to merit some resources, then they are not high priorities. FYI, we do work within the constraints of our clients. Typically, we propose to reduce our fees somewhat in exchange for equity incentives in the startup. However, we do not enter into engagements for equity considerations only.

Q. Isn’t it more effective to develop the business plan myself?
A. The issue is ownership. The founders do need to take ownership for the business plan. However, ownership does not mean that they need to develop it themselves. There are many entrepreneurs with the desires and capabilities to produce a good business plan. But good intentions do not always translate into good execution. Even with excellent time management, it is very difficult to carve out the time and mental energy to accomplish an effective business plan in light of the numerous demands involved in launching a startup. Further, developing successful investor packages and marketing plans are rarely a core competency of the startup. Then again, they are core competencies of The Morgan Leigh Group, meaning that we can do them better, faster and less expensively than our clients can do internally. And often, we as “outsiders” discover weaknesses or opportunities in a business concept of which our clients have never thought.

Q. How long does a typical project take?
A. The services we provide to each client vary based on their specific needs. It is therefore difficult to generalize the time requirements. However, one data point might be the time necessary to accomplish a complete investor package, which would normally run from 2 ˝ to 5 weeks.

Q. How much does a typical project cost?
A. Again, each project is customized for the client. The services performed can range from a few hours of consulting to a full engagement involving multiple services and complex deliverables. Therefore, the costs can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The total project cost is negotiated and agreed upon before any work is performed. Our payment plans call for the payment of half of the fees at the commencement of the project with the remainder payable upon completion of the deliverables.