Next Big Thing
Compelling Opportunity
Masterful Analogy
Framing Your Concept


You've been up to the mountain. You've experienced inspiration, perspiration and exhilaration. You've achieved the necessary breakthrough. Now you have it-a groundbreaking concept, a revolutionary idea, the NEXT BIG THING!

Good for you! And great for your new startup company! The stars must be in alignment. Yes, you can truly sense it -- the momentum is palpable. Synapses are clicking, adrenaline is pumping, and energy is flowing. The window of opportunity is wide open and you are ready to dive through headfirst.

Really, the only thing you lack is a wee bit of capital.  Admit it.  If you could just achieve a relatively minor investment in your startup company, you would be off to the races.

But isn't that the rub? After all, how exactly does one get a potential investor to see what you see, to stand where you stand, to share your vision, to resonate with your core concept and ... to buy in? It can be a daunting task.

At the Morgan Leigh Group, we understand. We've been there. We can help.  (Top)

Achieving funding for a startup or early-stage company is a non-trivial issue. It can be incredibly frustrating, time-consuming and wearisome. And, in many instances, the harvest is meager. But consider what investors are seeking.

The bottom line is that investors are looking for compelling opportunities. They look for robust markets; winning formulas; experienced management teams; protectable ideas and substantial returns. (Is that what your investor package conveys?)

If your core business concept is truly as robust and viable as you believe it to be, this should be immediately obvious to a potential investor who hears your presentation or receives your formal business plan. In short, they need to effortlessly perceive your startup as a compelling investment opportunity. (Top)

Imagine a man who possesses a masterpiece painting. Would he best present it to the outside world by placing it unframed in a dark and dusty back room, or perhaps randomly locating it among a stack of nondescript paintings, or maybe even out-of-sight on a shelf, assuming that its immense value will still be readily obvious to the average observer?

Of course not! To assume so would be preposterous. A man with such a painting would use the finest frame and matting to complement, highlight and protect the painting. He would have it mounted carefully on the optimal wall of the best room in his home. He would ensure that the wall texture, surrounding light and nearby objects show off the painting to best effect. In short, his meticulous presentation of the painting would reflect its great value.

Your core business concept is like a masterpiece painting. And The Morgan Leigh Group has the experience and expertise to portray it for optimal results! Metaphorically speaking, we know how to mat, frame, mount, and light your business concept so that a potential investor will readily perceive its value and desire to invest in it.  (Top)

The Morgan Leigh Group takes overall responsibility for developing a highly effective investor package that allows outside investors to quickly distinguish your startup company as a compelling investment opportunity.

At a minimum, our investor packages consist of a tight and coherent business plan, a thorough and efficient set of pro forma financial statements and a vibrant and powerful roadshow presentation. All materials in the investor package are complete, concise, well articulated, symbiotic, logically structured, and allow for both summary and detail views.

Frame your startup in the best possible light with potential investors. Benefit from The Morgan Leigh Group advantage.  (Top)